An airtight home is comfortable and safe to live in. It is also energy efficient and sustainable. Ekovilla has always directed the construction industry towards airtight building and has developed products suitable for this purpose. An Ekovilla air barrier product with the marking X helps you build an airtight home. The X is a sign of airtightness.

Ekovilla X5 air barrier sheet

Ekovilla X5 is an air barrier sheet reinforced with fabric, it is only suitable for use in hygroscopic insulation.


Ekovilla X 5 ilmansulku

Ekovilla X Reno

Ekovilla X Reno air barrier sheet is intended for use in traditional buildings and summer cottages. It is only suitable for use in hygroscopic insulation.

Ekovilla X Reno

Ekovilla X feed-through seal

The Ekovilla X feed-through seal is intended especially for sealing the feed-throughs of ventilation pipes, central vacuum cleaner pipes and electric pipes. The feed-through element has a self-adhesive flange. Thanks to its size the flange part seals even the largest perforations and cuts you need to make for installing ventilation pipes etc.

Ekovilla X läpivienti

Ekovilla X sealing tape

Quality PE tape from the Ekovilla X range, with strong adhesive and mesh reinforcement. Suitable for taping the air barrier sheets Ekovilla X5 and Ekovilla X Reno.

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  • Ekovilla X5 product information

    Ekovilla X5 product information

    • Width 130 cm
    • Length 46.2 m
    • Thickness 0.3 mm
    • Weight 161 g/m2
    • Water vapor permeability 0.7 Sd (EN 13984:2005)
    • Tensile strength, longitudinal 523 N / 50 mm
    • Tensile strength, lateral 233 N / 50 mm
    • Longitudinal elongation 2.1%
    • Lateral elongation 5.7%

    Properties of Ekovilla X5 air barrier sheet

    • allows for a breathable structure ⇒ capable of drying in both directions
    • meets the requirements for air barrier products 5:1 ⇒ reliable structure
    • flexible structure ⇒ easy to install in corners
    • fabric prevents the rivet from sinking ⇒ construction remains airtight

    Using air barrier sheet ensures airtight constructions. The roof needs an air barrier sheet or a windshield sheet, the floor needs air barrier sheet. Don’t forget the airtightness tape.

  • Ekovilla X Reno information
    • Width 130 cm
    • Length 46.2 m
    • Thickness 0.2 mm
    • Weight 170 g/m2
    • Water vapor permeability 0.05 Sd (EN 13984:2005)
    • Tensile strength, longitudinal 779 N / 50 mm
    • Tensile strength, lateral 276 N / 50 mm
    • Longitudinal elongation 2.0%
    • Lateral elongation 5.0%
  • Ekovilla X feed-through seal information
    • The flange collar is flexible and forms tightly around the pipe. Installing the Ekovilla X feed-through seal is quick and easy.

    Ekovilla X feed-through seal product information

    • Flange section size 295 x 295 mm
    • Suitable for pipes 5–160 mm
    • Made of PE plastic
    • Pressure-sensitive adhesive
    • Installation temperature > +5 °C
    • Recyclable material

    Installation drawings for the feed-through seal

    1. Cut a hole slightly smaller than the pipe diameter.
    2. Clean around the pipe and remove the back papers.
    3. Press the feed-through seal firmly into place.
  • Ekovilla X sealing tape product information

    Ekovilla X sealing tape product information

    • Adhesive: polyacrylic
    • Tape: LDPE film, green polyester mesh
    • Thickness: ~ 0.3 mm
    • Width/length: 50 mm / 25 m
    • Temperature range: -40…+80 °C
    • Installation temperature > +5 °C