Hand-applied Ekovillapuru is a wood fiber thermal insulation. The insulation is packed in 10 kg paper bags. Puru is well suited for small objects, additional insulation and repairing insulation. The loose fiber insulation can be applied by hand directly from the bag to the object to be insulated. You can improve thermal insulation by fluffing the insulation with a smoothing whisk or a paint whisk.

Consumption in different areas of use:

Upper base approx. 4 sacks / m3
Subfloor approx. 5 sacks / m3
Wall approx. 6 sacks / m3

Preparation instructions:

  • Transport protected from the rain
  • Store in a dry place
  • Use a P2 respirator during installation
  • Make sure that the wind shield on the wall extends above the insulation
  • If possible, install a Wind Deflector
  • Make sure that there is a ventilation gap of at least 30 mm between the water cover and the wind protection plate
  • Make sure that the perimeter of the chimney is fire insulated according to the manufacturer’s instructions


Ekovillapurun asennus Ekovillapurun asennus