Installation blown wool

Blown wool

for attic floors, ground floors and walls

Ekovilla is a carbon neutral blown wool. It is Finland’s favourite insulation for single family dwellings, but is also widely used in professional construction. Our blown wool is mainly made from plain newspaper and it has been used for insulating the homes of our customers for over forty years.

Ekovilla Puhallusvilla menekki hinta asennus
  • The properties of blown wool

    Blown wool has the good properties of an eco-efficient insulation: it is made mainly of recycled wood fiber, it is a carbon neutral product and as an insulation saves energy.

    • Blown wool from renewable resources
    • Carbon neutral
    • Excellent thermal insulation capacity
    • Good structural fire resistance
    • Breathable and safe
    • Suitable for both new buildings and renovation


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  • The suitability of blown wool

    The Ekovilla blown wool suits well for wood construction and it is ideal for use in the same projects as the Ekovilla slab. Ekovilla insulation is manufactured from selected recycled newspaper, to which we add flame retardants. Our insulation products can be used in new buildings, renovations and for additional insulation. Main applications: attic floors, ground floors and walls. Thanks to its good moisture transfer capacity this insulation, produced in Finland since 1979, also works well in passive houses.

    With blown wool, the thermal insulation of attic floors and ground floors goes quickly. An authorized Ekovilla installation contractor brings the insulation materials and equipment and takes professional care to complete your insulation. Blown wool fills even the smallest cavities and creates a uniform and effective insulation layer.


  • Installing Ekovilla blown wool yourself

    We have made installing Ekovilla blown wool yourself easy and comfortable. You can rent a blower from your local dealer to quickly insulate your attic floor and ground floor. The blower and even a large amount of blown wool easily fit a passenger car trailer, as the blown wool is eco-packed into sacks of about one fifth of its volume.

    Example: blowing a 20 cm layer of wool to an attic floor of 100 m2 takes 2–3 hours and the insulation soon pays for itself in terms of smaller heating bills and a more comfortable living space.

    When insulating a smaller space you don’t need a blower, use the hand-applied strips of Ekovilla Puru. This loose-fiber insulation can be poured straight from the bag into the insulation space.

    Ekovilla puru

    The Ekovilla installation service has been taking care of insulation all over Finland for almost four decades. You can order Ekovilla blown wool as a turnkey service from your hardware store, prefabricated house dealer or from an Ekovilla installation contractor.

    From all these you will receive instructions which will help you properly prepare your object for thermal insulation. Ekovilla applies blown wool to both new buildings as well as an additional insulation or as part of renovation works. You can also turn to your Ekovilla installer for expert advice with your tough insulation-related questions.

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  • Product data sheet

    European fire rating D

    Ekovilla YP
    ■ The recommended density of blown wool for attic floors is 26–36 kg/m3.
    ■ Declared thermal conductivity λD (23.50) 0.038 W/(m K)
    ■ Design value ʎd 0.038 W/(m K)

    Ekovilla AP
    ■ The recommended density of blown wool for ground floors is 45 kg/m3.
    ■ Suitable for ground floors with ventilation space and concrete ground floors with truss.

    The product card

    Declaration of performance
    ■ Declared thermal conductivity λD (23.50) 0.038 W/(m K)
    ■ Design value ʎd 0.038 W/(m K)

    Ekovilla VO
    In diagonal cavities the insulation density should be 45 kg/m3.
    Ekovilla VO is suitable as a thermal insulation in roof covering structures.
    Declared thermal conductivity λD (23.50) 0.038 W/(m K)
    Design value ʎd 0.038 W/(m K)
    The density of Ekovilla used in vertical cavities is approx. 55 kg/m3, declared thermal conductivity λD (23.50) 0.038 W/(m K).
    Design value ʎd 0.038 W/(m K)

    Ekovilla SE
    The density of sprayed wall insulation is 35–40 kg/m3
    Declared thermal conductivity λD (23.50) 0.039 W/(m K)
    Design value ʎd 0.039 W/(m K)

  • Watch video material for installations

    Blowing wool installation

    Installation to attic floor:

    Installation to walls:

    Self-installation with the blowing machine:


  • Self installation guide

    Ekovilla Self installation

    When well done planned and prepared for, self installation is well made and easy.

    You need to rent out a small installation blowing machine and calculate the amount of material needed. Our trusted hardware stores can guide you throughout the country.

    ekovilla pienpuhalluskone small blowing machine

    Ekovilla is packed tight, taking only fifth of a space in the package that it will when blown to the wall. You won’t be needing a truck, a trailer is enough to transport the materials to your home.

    Ekovilla is also inexpensive.

    For example, blowing 20cm additional insulation to a 100m² attic ceiling will take about 2-3 hours and the insulation quickly pays itself back with decrease in heating bills and improved indoor comfort.

    If you are working on a smaller project, you may also do additional insulation without machine with Ekovilla Puru. This bulk material can be hand installed direcly to the needed location. Bear in mind, that Puru will not suffice as an option for e.g the whole wall space but serves as an addition for smaller spaces.