Loose blown wool ekovilla puhallusvilla blown wool ekovilla cellulose insulation

Ekovilla is a carbon neutral, popular blown wool used in private houses as well as by the house building industry. Blown wool is manufactured of newsprint and it has been used for insulating our customers’ homes over three decades.

Ekovilla blown wool has the great characteristics of an eco-efficient insulation: As it is mainly manufactured of wood fiber, manufacturing process does not consume a lot of energy, and it binds the carbon of the timber for its entire life cycle. Therefore, not only is the carbon footprint neutral and beyond, but the insulation becomes cost-efficient to the consumers as it simultaneously saves energy. In summary, the great qualities our blown wool insulation offers:

  • Blown wool made of renewable natural resources
  • Good thermal insulation capacity
  • Good structural fire resistance properties
  • Breathing and safe structure
  • Carbon binding, reduces carbon footprint
  • Applicable to new constructions as well as renovation for houses
  • For ceilings, roofs, walls and floors


Technical aspects

  • Declared thermal conductivity ʎD (23,50) 0,038 W/(m K)
  • Design value ʎd 0,038 W/(mK)
  • Fire class, Euro fire class D
  • Emission class of building materials M1
  • CE conformity marking ETA-09/0081
  • Density recommendations vary between 30-45 kg/m3:
    • Walls 34 kg/m3
    • Floors 45 kg/m3
    • Ceilings 26-36 kg/m3 depending on the structure
    • Diagonal hollows (i.e ceilings’s roofs) 45 kg/m3
    • Vertical hollows (i.e wall structures) 55 kg/m3
  • Sprayed wool (Ekovilla SE)
    • Declared thermal conductivity ʎD (23,50) 0,039 W/(m K)
    • Design value ʎd 0,039 W/(mK)
    • Density after sprayed 35-40 kg/m3

ekovilla puhallusvillan asentaminen ekovilla installing self installationInstallation

Installing Ekovilla is easy. Our installation services are available throughout the country, and blown wool sets nicely in all house structures: ceilings, walls and floors.

It is also possible to install Ekovilla through self-installation. You will need proper preparation and the right tools as well as the small insulation blowing machine, which can be rented from well equipped hardware stores. Remember to read the instructions carefully well before starting.

  • Self installation guide

    Ekovilla Self installation

    When well done planned and prepared for, self installation is well made and easy.

    You need to rent out a small installation blowing machine and calculate the amount of material needed. Our trusted hardware stores can guide you throughout the country.

    ekovilla pienpuhalluskone small blowing machine

    Ekovilla is packed tight, taking only fifth of a space in the package that it will when blown to the wall. You won’t be needing a truck, a trailer is enough to transport the materials to your home.

    Ekovilla is also inexpensive.

    For example, blowing 20cm additional insulation to a 100m² attic ceiling will take about 2-3 hours and the insulation quickly pays itself back with decrease in heating bills and improved indoor comfort.

    If you are working on a smaller project, you may also do additional insulation without machine with Ekovilla Puru. This bulk material can be hand installed direcly to the needed location. Bear in mind, that Puru will not suffice as an option for e.g the whole wall space but serves as an addition for smaller spaces.

  • Watch video material for installations

    Blowing wool installation

    Installation to attic floor:

    Installation to walls:

    Self-installation with the blowing machine: