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Let your home breathe!

When your house is in a good condition, you will also feel well.

Ekovilla© thermal insulation products are warm, durable with breathing structure and ecological consisting of natural wood fiber. The basis of the for the sterling qualities of Ekovilla come from the nature itself, and the 40 years of insulation expertise have refined our products to provide worthy conditions for every home.

Whether you are looking for information on our products, installation or contacts, you have come to the right place! In case of our Estonian customers and partners, be sure to visit the Eesti veebisait.

Why Ekovilla?

Why choose something when we provide it all?

Good living means warmth and safety. Thermal insulation made from renewable wood fiber sets conditions where living well is possible for your house as well as your family. In addition to being able to provide you warm quality which is easy to install, we also want to be forerunners in low-carbon construction. Therefore we have achieved already what many only dream: carbon neutrality in our insulation products’ life cycle.



Ekovilla will make your house warm, and we mean more than just the temperatures!


Your house, much like you, needs to breath to remain healthy for a long time. See how we make this happen, without letting the warm (or cool) slip out!


Ekovilla is made mainly of recycling paper, possibly even the one you have been reading. Find out what other green practices we have incorporated to enable carbon neutrality!

Products and installation

Warmth, safety as well as ecology are the building blocks for a good life, which Ekovilla strives to promote through its own actions. We want to be involved in building a good life, making most of the circular economy.

For this purpose, we have created a family of products that coincide with our aims. Easy-to-install, carbon free and inexpensive for a Finnish quality. What more could you ask?

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