ekovilla hengittävä lämmin lämmöneriste kestävä hiilineutraali ratkaisu ekovilla warm breathable ecological carbon neutral thermal insulation that lasts

A Breathing Structure

Your house has a life of its own

Just as its inhabitants, your house needs to breathe. Wood fiber allows this in the right way, by balancing the indoor air moisture levels. The natural materials of Ekovilla insulation optimizes conditions within the house throughout the seasons and Ekovilla thermal paper makes it vapor- and air-tight, enabling your home to stay in good conditions for decades to come. A structure like this is well made and will not dampen the house. In short, breathability means the ability to bind, transfer and release moisture, as well as the ability of keep the structure dry.

A house that breathes reflects security and well-being. For this reason, insulation is one of the key decisions to be made in any building project. When you allow your house to breathe, both your house and your family will be comfortable.

ekovilla samasta aineesta valmistettu eriste kosteudentasaamiskyky hengittävä ja lämmin
During the dry winters, it is optimal to keep more air moisture indoors
kosteuden tasaantuminen sisäsilmassa air moisture equilibrium thermal insulation breathability
During humid summers, we prefer the indoor air to be less moist

How is this beneficial to our home?

A breathable structure means healthy, oxygen-rich living, where well made insulation is air tight and does not move air between indoors and the outside world. A breathable structure improves the indoor air quality by having an effect to a key factor, air moisture which impacts:

● How comfortable the temperature and general living feels
● Whether our senses consider the air to be stale or fresh, and whether it has an odor
● How long the building materials last
● Energy consumption

  • How breathing structure works?

    Natural moisture control and drying ability

    As ability to bind, transfer and release moisture, as well as the ability of a structure to dry.

    There is moisture in the air, invisible water vapor that penetrates all spaces. The humidity of the room air varies, as does the humidity of the outside air. Moisture tends to balance itself, meaning the water vapor moves to where there’s less of it.

    It is impossible to completely prevent air moisture from entering the structure. Therefore, it is wise to choose an insulation material that is capable of binding and transferring moisture in a natural way. Ekovilla, which consists of a wood-based material, has this ability.

    Although wood fiber has a high moisture capacity, it does not store the moisture, but moves it in a direction where there is less moisture. Thus, the humidity inside the insulation does not normally exceed the humidity of the outdoor or indoor air. Under these conditions, Ekovilla acts as a normal thermal insulation.

    The optimum indoor air moisture varies throughout the seasons between 28-40%

    huoneilman optimi kosteus ja kosteuden sitominen eristeessä

    The green scale shows measured air moisture in a bedroom with a breathable structure, and the grey one the same for one with tight structure.

  • Watch an animation on the principle of the breathable structure (FIN)