Ekovilla asfalttikuitu asphalt fiber

Ekovilla asphalt fiber

Stone mastic asphalt (SMA) is a popular pavement on the busy roads of Europe. It also suits perfectly to Finland’s demanding climate and terrain. The advantages of SMA are abrasion resistance (endures studded tires), deformation resistance (heat resistance) and water resistance.

A more durable and longer lasting pavement is possible with cellulose fibers Eki-12 and Eki-12G. One advantage of the Eki fibers is the environmental friendliness of cellulose fibers.

The cellulose fiber is available in two forms: loose (Eki-12) and granulated (Eki-12G). Eki-12 is available in small bags (16 kg) and large bags (ca 420 kg), Eki-12G only in large bags (850 kg). The average quantity of Eki-12 and Eki-12G in the SMA mass is 0.3–0.5% of weight, a more precise asphalt ingredient ratio can be defined.

Defibering knowhow is our strength

Ekovilla Oy has developed its own technology for defibering paper and has been active in the industry for over 40 years. In addition to asphalt fiber products Ekovilla Oy is also known as the manufacturer of Ekovilla thermal insulation products. The company has three factories: in Kuusankoski, in Kiimingi and in Ylistaro.

The advantages of our asphalt fibers are, among others, abrasion resistance, heat and water resistance and eco-friendliness.

Our asphalt fibers are supplied straight from the Ylistaro factory. Eki-12 and Eki-12G are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of PANK classification.

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Quality properties of  asphalt fiber EKI-12