Ashalt fibre EKI-12

Stone mastic asphalt (SMA) is a popular road surface material for European roads with heavy traffic. It is perfect for the demanding weather conditions in Finland. The advantages of SMA include wear resistance (studded tire resistance), deformity resistance (heat resistance) and water resistance.

The pulp fibres Eki-12 and Eki-12G facilitate a more durable and long-lasting road. One of the advantages of the Ekifibres is also the eco-friendliness of cellulose fibres.

Pulp fibres are available in two forms: loose fibre (Eki-12) and granulated fibre (Eki-12G). Eki-12 is available in sachets (6 kg) and large bags (approx. 420 kg), and Eki-12G is available in large bags (850 kg). The average batch of Eki-12 and Eki-12G in a mixture of SMA is 0.3 – 0.5% of the weight, and can be determined more accurately in proportion to the asphalt.

Our know-how is our strength

EkovillaOy has developed its own technology for paper defibration and has operated as a professional defibration company since 1979. EkovillaOy is known not only for its asphalt fibre products but also for manufacturing Ekovilla thermal insulation. The company has three factories, located in Kuusankoski, Kiiminki and Ylistaro.

We deliver asphalt fibres straight from our Ekovilla Oy factory in Ylistaro. Eki-12 and Eki-12G are manufactured to PANK-classification standards.

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Ekovilla asfalttikuitu asphalt fiber